Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to My Un-Trifty Ways...(Not in a Million Years!)

TaxiImage by Stephan Geyer via Flickr Sometimes things just don't go as planned...My "oh I am so trifty" smugness just dissolved into nothingness. I think this is also part of the process of getting used to a new project. You have to be flexible (inside the rules you've established for yourself) and, like in my case, just take the things the way they are.
What happened?
Well, my daughter Maya is sick - a cold that developed into a nasty cough that kept her awake last night. I decided it is time for the heavy artilery, so I took her to the doctor. The problem is our doctor moved from our neighbourhood to the other end of the town. Most of the time my husband takes us there by car but today I couldn't wait until late afternoon. I was worried. So we took a cab. The cab fares here in Israel are atrocious, but in this particular situation, I didn't have a choice. To reach Maya's doctor office we would've need to change buses and I am not taking chances with a sick child. Of course, it was raining.
So, I spent 50 shekels in taxi fares, that's aproximately 14-15 US dollars and for us it is a lot. But again, when it comes to Maya's health, I don't think thrifty. I'll find a way to spend less somewhere else...
Needless to say, I didn't do any inventories...but don't you worry, when Maya will fell better, I am back on track.

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