Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mission Impossible Number One

Inventories- the Kitchen Cupboards

All the non-perishable stuff I have it is stored in my kitchen cupboards, as, unfortunately I don't have any other form of storage. But believe me, I have enough food, as my husband said I think that we can live for a month from the cans and pasta and other bits and bobs we have in the cupboards.

So, step number one towards a well organized kitchen that will definitely help you to spend less is to make inventories for all the food storage units you have. The same goes for the refrigerator and the freezer. I intend to start tomorow. I will also make and print me some nice templates for the fridge, frezeer and cupboard doors to write down the stuff I have inside. Otherwise, I won't remember. After I will finish we can tackle another tricky subject (for me, at last) - Meal planning.

Until then, I am leaving you with some words of wisdom: When you start a new project like this one don't try to do everything at once. Start with small, baby stepts and see where you can go from there. Otherwise, you'll burn out pretty quickly trying to do everything at once. Believe me, I tried and failed graciously...

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  1. We have a system where I prefer to have a certain amount of things in my food storage. I have a laminated sheet that works as a white board and I cross off things as we eat them, and will know when I get close to needing more, and then I look for sales. Or just buy in bulk.

  2. Yes! I am not good at having a good organized pantry...and then i don't use all I have. I think I will attack this same project..with your tip in mind...slowly!