Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Caved In!

Solar System Planets.Image via Wikipedia Well, well, who's been a bad girl? Moi, I am afraid...
Yesterday I caved in, buying stuff we don't need, just for the sake of it. I had to buy Maya a pair of sunglasses as she lost her last pair. Here the sun is very strong and her grey-bluish eyes are very sensitive. I had to look high and low because I couldn't find some decent ones. Finally, I found a pair at a "Happening" store. But...I found there also a gorgeous 3D poster of the Solar System. As I am trying to teach Maya as much as her mind could comprise I thought it would be a good adition to our resources, as the space is a rather abstract notion to grasp when you're 4 years old...But this not all...I also bought her some atlases and...a puzzle. wel, it was a Toy Story one, with Buzz Light Year and I knwe she absolutely loves the character...
I felt prettty bad afterwars, guilty and all but I guess I am only human...I hope I will resist more and more to the every day tentations...
I guess this is all part of the game, but I am still in...
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  1. If that is caving...I'm in big trouble! I love this adventure!

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