Friday, January 21, 2011

I am Sooo Proud of Myself !!!

If you are reading my other blog - Alone in Holy Land also, then you know I am not myself lately...but that doesn't mean I am giving up my thrifty ways...No! The truth is, besides looking after Maya, thinking about ways to save money is something that helps me put one feet in front of the other some days... For now, at least...

Still, I wasn't able to tackle this meal planning malarkey. I am not a very good housewife, I admit. I liked better when I was career-woman, but, what can I do, this is what I am right now, a bloody housewife and I try to do my best (not very succesfully, but that's another story). I am not a good cook either so if I boast today, here, in front of you, it is because for me it is a big deal doing what I did, being a whizz in the kitchen.

Maya likes chicken soup and now, during the flu season, it is healthy, too. I don't eat it, being a vegetarian but I compromise by eating the veggies from the soup. So, I bought a nice plump organic chicken and a lot of good, non-organic veggies (awfully expensive, so, another compromise). The result. A huge pot of soup. I divided it in four portions and freezed three. Took the boiled root veggies (carrots, parsley and celery ), chopped them and mixed them with peas, boiled potatoes (chopped, of course) , chopped pickled cucumbers and home-made mayonaise and voila, a huge bowl of what we called back home - boeuf salad. There is also a short article about it in the Wikipedia - We didn't put in it any "boeuf" (that's beef in French) back home and I didn't do it, either, but that's the salad's name and I stick to it...We ate it with vegetarian hot dogs. Yummy. Maya had the soup with noodles and lots of meat.

Now, I have a freezer full of soup for Maya and I have to think only about the main course. I personally don't like soups, luckily, Maya does.
What thrifty ways to save money in the kitchen do you have? Do you want to share? Be my guest! I mean it...on this blog...I would love to read about your ways to save money while cooking delicious, healthy meals.

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