Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Fight an Addiction of the Foulest Kind???

I am sorry I am not very consistent with writing here, but between two blogs, my daughter and many other things I try to do...but as I promised, I am working very hard not to succumb to spending more than necesarry. From the beginning of the year the only time I spent something I shouldn't it was on...books! I admit, this is my downfall, from all point of view: books. When I see a good book, I cannot think straight, my blood rushes to my head, I break in a sweat, I tremble and I cannot calm down until I am the owner of the aforementioned book. How to resist the addiction? I swear to God, I don't care about nice clothes, beautiful shoes, astounding jewerly, exquisite chocolate. Show me a book and I'll follow you like a good-mannered puppy. I have two ebook readers, you know, for chepthe sole purpose of saving some money, as ebooks are cheper, sometimes free . But like the drug addict that prefers the purest cocaine, I love to hold in my hands the true thing: covers, pages, typographic ink and all - A REAL BOOK.
So, how to fight the addiction?
Any ideas?


  1. Öööö... I don't. I just trade in books I've already read for different ones.

  2. Yep, I agree with Hevel. Just don´t. I never give a book away, and I´m glad I don´t. My daughter´s now read the books I´ve read 20 years ago. I have books my great grandmother bought. I don´t hoard anything else, actually I´m pretty good at decluttering. But books? They are my most treasured posessions :)

  3. I like that addiction! I say keep them all!

  4. OK, so I think you all say that...I should keep and nurture my addiction?????????????????? Well, that was the kind of comments I was looking for! Thanks guys!